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 Blue Öyster Cult Resöurces

Where is the Church from the OYFOOYK album cover?
Answer: It's the St. Paul's Episcopal Church on Rt 123 in Lewisboro, NY - about 5 miles south of Route 35.

On Your Feet Or On Your Knees - 1975 On Your Feet Or On Your Knees - 2008

What Does The Name: "BLUE ÖYSTER CULT" mean?
Answer: A collection of Aliens that gathered together to secretly guide Earth's history.
The song "
The Subhuman" from Secret Treaties is the story behind the name.

BÖC Fans Online Message Board

Jack & Alma have been running the most popular online BÖC fans message board
Check out their BÖC Fans Forum websiteso you can interact with others like yourself

So, you like BÖC & Beer, but can't find a good way to keep your hands free after popping the top?
Check out these hot chicks & their great idea: Brew Holster Cult  

Jon Harper is an experienced guitar Luthier and has made some for Buck & Eric.
Check out his website JCHLuthier if you want a great custom guitar.

 BÖC's DFTR used in Fremont Street Experience - 2007
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YouTube )

 BÖC Feature on "30 Minutes" - 1978
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YouTube )

 BÖC Live - Transmanicaon MC
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Kenz page )

Want to know all the dark secrets of BÖC? Find out by checking out author Martin Popoff's book.
ick on the above book cover to get more info and other rock music topics he has written

 Lyrics to DFTR explained by Buck

What is the true meaning behind the lyrics to the song "(Don't Fear) The Reaper"?
I dug up the letter Buck posted to America Online Forum back in 1996.
Click the Reaper Logo above to read the pdf document


 The BÖC "Kronos" Logo

What does the BÖC logo really mean? Click on the above Kronos logo to find out !!


Dr. Gary Telgenhoff is a Medical Examiner and Las Vegas resident
.........who happens to be a HUGE BÖC fan.
ick on his SkinnerRat band logo above to find out all about him !


Right here in Las Vegas, legendary Snake Rock has opened a new music studio & store.
Click the banner above to visit his site and read news about his current music projects.


  Click on the book below and you can be soon eatin' some good BÖC themed food!!


click on the above logo and you can get all sorts of new BÖC merchandise.

Ed Roman's BÖC connection
Click on the above logo and you can be transported to the BEST guitar shop in the world,
Right here in LAS VEGAS, NV. Take a look at Ed's BÖC featured page and then
take a look at all his GUITARS!!!!!!!!!!!    ED ROMAN RULES!!!!

Animation courtesy of Melne. Check out:
You've probably heard of Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI).
Now, you can join other
BÖC fans at SETI in a collaborative venture!
To join, you'll first need to download the
SETI Home Client software.


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"Your personal Trading Community" EBay is an online auction site 
that has lots of BÖC merchandise up for auction.


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Have you always wondered about the origin of the IMAGINOS CD cover?
Background information and the history of San Francisco's

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