The BÖC "Kronos" Logo

This logo appears in all of their albums. It’s origin comes from ancient Greece(Hellas).

It describes the ancient Greek god of time Kronos or Chronos. In Greek(Hellenic) language when you say the word Kronos, it is symbolically associated to the planet called Saturn in English.

This symbol was an idea of an artist. When BÖC saw it, they liked it and decided to keep it as their follow-up symbol. Eric Bloom says, "The symbol was picked out by this 'weird artist guy' I met at college" (Bill Gawlick). Bloom says they picked the symbol because they liked it and not to send evil messages. Bloom explains, "It's kind of mystical," he says the symbol goes back to ancient mythology. "But it's certainly not satanic".

One can find the answer in the Dictionary Of Symbol. The symbol is the most common ideogram for Saturn:

The planet Saturn uses 29 earth years to orbit the sun and therefore a human life span can be measured approximately as two, or at the most three, of this planets orbits. For this reason it is associated with death and the reaper, the skeleton with the scythe who reaps men and women when their time is up. In astrological symbols, the Kronos graphically illustrates the idea that the receptive personality or soul has become a sign associated with duty, responsibility, discipline, hardship and work. In alchemy, the Kronos became the most important symbol for lead.....the "heaviest of metal".