June 2, 2009

Tomorrow, BÍC will kick off it's 2009 "On Tour Forever" schedule. Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser will return from his injury he sustained at the end of 2008. Buck is still continuing his rehab from the injury and it will take some time before he feels no effects on the shoulder. Right now, he says he'll deal with the discomfort.

DECEMBER 31, 2008

Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser had a mishap at his home and will not be able to perform with Blue Íyster Cult well into 2009. Currently, all shows booked through March have been postponed. Once Buck has recuperated, dates will be scheduled.

NOVEMBER 12, 2008

Pre-purchased tickets are closed and the show is sold out. Maxwell's in Hoboken, NJ will hold the BÍC fan created event on Sunday November 16th. Tickets were $100 a piece and reserved the BÍC fan a place on the guest list to pick up a laminate access badge at the Club's front door. More information available at www.bocfans.com

On Saturday Night at the LeRoyale in NYC, the Bouchard Bros and special guests will be performing a special RSVP show called Blue Coupe / NOSFERATU. If interested, email Andy Hilfiger your RSVP request at andy@andyhilfiger.com

MARCH 1, 2008

Members of BÍC have been contacted to propose having a hardcore "FAN SHOW". The method is to have fans raise funds to create this special show either in late November or December of 2008.

The show will be somewhere in the New York City area to facilitate the band and crew. Fans will have an opportunity to pledge money to help make the show a reality and to "recommend" songs they would like to hear. BÍC will create a set-list based on those suggestions. Much more information is available at:
Blue Íyster Cult Fan Show Page

** NOTE:
Vegas4BOC.com not affliliated with the official arrangements of this show **


Hi fellow fans,

Seems with all the round about discussion, people are rightfully confused about what is transpiring, so I thought it time to go back through ALL the threads and post a list of what we know so far....and kind of like a mission statement that focuses on THE CORE ISSUES involved.

1. We as fans wanted to have a show that was not geared towards the general casual boc fan base because so many people have gone to so many shows and wanted to hear the band play different songs.

2. The idea of "hiring" the band for a show with a significant base of "hardcore" fans was discussed. One of our members then discussed this with a few members of the band and they said cool.

3. What they ACTUALLY said was that we would have to work within THEIR guidelines of planning an event IN november or december of this year-which is their off time, so as NOT to interfere with their current schedule.

4. They also said they would be willing to review a list of songs presented BY the fans to them and then they would decide on what would be a feasible "deep cuts" setlist.

5. They said that the event had to take place in the new york metropolitan area in order to decrease the travel and rental cost of gear.

so--the current mission statement that has been discussed with the band is as follows and includes nothing else but this...


Anything above and beyond this has NOT yet been finalized, not yet been discussed with the powers that be and thus remains "collateral" to the CORE statement described above.

Current actions:

1. A suitable venue has been discussed and contacted regarding this possibility. More information and possible dates to follow.

2. A system of gathering funds for the event has been put into place thanks to chuck and jack. Please see the appropriate thread for details.

3. A system of gathering fan recommendations has been put into place--please see the setlist thread to put in your suggestions. Placing a suggestion is just that, it is NOT a guarantee that your song will be played. They also said they would be willing NOT to play the big three and cities if thats what we choose.

4. Money is being collected in the hopes that this show will come to pass. If it does not, chuck will refund all deposits. A deposit can be of any size, with the stipulation being that when a TICKET PRICE is set (be it 10 bucks or 70) each person is responsible for paying the ticket price. Seed money above and beyond the ticket price is an investment, and the balance MAY be refunded, or dispursed in any way the donator sees fit (if you choose to sponsor other fans, etc, thats up to YOU).

5. Because the venues we are looking at hold in excess of the fans that we feel we can bring to the table, they remainders will be made available to the public at their fair market values determined by the venue. The public will be made aware of the show in various, currently undetermined ways, but it will be made clear that this is an online fans show and for the boc enthusiast.

6. Any and all remaining ideas are open for discussion. Thats what the fans show thread is for. Promotion, travel plans, adjunct parties, jam sessions etc. Which are all FAN BASED and at the present moment have nothing to do with the band. We are paying the band to play--thats it---and play songs WE suggest, but dont DEMAND. They have always been more than gracious in fan interaction, so it is quite possiblel that that will indeed be the case in this event...but that is NOT a guarantee and folks who have thought about investing and coming should really focus on the mission statement when deciding to attend.

IF anyone thinks of any other things that have been DECIDED by the group and DISCUSSED and agreed to by the band, please bring it to our attention--all other ideas, please continue with on the other threads.

JANUARY 27, 2008

BÍC is booked at the Railhead inside Boulder Station Casino on Saturday, March 22nd 2008!!!!!!!!  Tickets are now on sale at: Boulder Station Railhead BÍC Tickets






APRIL 27, 2007

Vegas4BÍC: "Gotta have more Cowbell !!"

The Las Vegas City Life Magazine and Online publication did a story on local Super-Fans and Vegas4BÍC was interviewed.

Check out the Online article: Las Vegas CityLife





MARCH 24, 2007

Eric Bloom & Buck Dharma led Blue Íyster Cult in an energetic evening of flaming rock and roll. Richie Castellano moved over to cover the keyboard and guitar parts for ailing Allen Lanier. Local Las Vegan, Danny Miranda, took a break from his gig in the Mandalay Bay show; "Momma Mia" to cover the bass parts. Jules Radino was his usual cool and collected self behind the drum kit, pounding out his heavy rhythm tempos.

A Get-Well-Card for Allen was passed around to be signed by the usual hard-core traveling fans along with the local allegiant BÍC fans who came out to witness an awesome show.






Below is a picture of the
actual Set-list that I now own :

The Cities On Flame oncore listed on the set-list was changed to The Red & The Black as Eric decided Richie was itching to unleash some of his guitar prowess and would try to match Buck's mastery of the axe. A worthy finish to this spectacular show.

FEBRUARY 21, 2007

Eric Bloom & Buck Dharma are scheduled to appear on the syndicated radio show "Rockline" Wednesday night, February 21st. Check your local Rockline Affiliate radio station

Rockline Radio

The recorded interview can be heard here !!

JANUARY 20, 2007

is booked at the Railhead inside Boulder Station Casino on Saturday, March 24th 2007!!!!!!!!
Tickets are now on sale at: Boulder Station Railhead BÍC Tickets

JANUARY 1, 2007

Vegas4BÍC would like to extend an invitation to fellow BÍC fans that live in the Las Vegas area interested in forming a group to jam around on BÍC cover tunes. Most specifically, a drummer, bass player, and keyboardist would be desired at this time.

Any interested person, please email me: oba@vegas4boc.com
This would be for fun only and no gigs are intended (at this time). 

DECEMBER 31, 2006

Launch Radio Networks reports: BLUE ÍYSTER CULT has announced the bonus tracks for two album reissues coming out February 13. The Legacy Edition of the 1978 live album "Some Enchanted Evening" will double from seven to 14 tracks, with previously unreleased performances of "ME 262", "Harvester of Eyes", "Hot Rails To Hell", "Summer Of Love", "5 Guitars", STEPPENWOLF's "Born To Be Wild", and an alternate version of the ANIMALS' "We Gotta Get Out Of This Place". The album will also come with a bonus 11-track DVD recorded in 1978 at the Capitol Center in Landover, Maryland, and new liner notes by PATTI SMITH GROUP guitarist Lenny Kaye. The 1977 album "Spectres" - which featured the hits "Godzilla" and "Goin' Through the Motions" - comes with four bonus tracks from the recording sessions, including the originals "Night Flyer", "M For Murder", "Please Hold", and a cover of the RONETTES' "Be My Baby". Kaye wrote liner notes for this reissue as well.

MAY 1, 2006

Buck Dharma
was kind enough to grant my wish for him to play one song with my white SG. More details to this story can be found on the F÷rum Page, accessing the BÍC News & Rumors forum.
Below is a link to a video taken of Buck playing the guitar. Audio quality is low, but the moment has been captured, thanks to my friend Frank "The Tank": Buck playing Vegas4BÍC's white SG

SEPTEMBER 21, 2006

Blue Íyster Cult members Eric Bloom and Buck Dharma were recently interviewed by Metal Express Radio.com while in the U.K. this past August. Nice insight into the current band lineup and news about the latest upcoming Remasters.

Metal Express Radio.com Interview

JULY 24, 2006

Former Blue Íyster Cult bass guitarist Joe Bouchard's website (his link: Joe Bouchard.com) has posted that the long anticipted remasters of Spectres and Some Enchanted Evening albums will be coming in the Fall. Spectres will be similar as the previous releases in that it will include bonus tracks. Some Enchanted Evening will  also contain bonus tracks and include a new DVD movie !

MAY 24, 2006

Blue Íyster Cult is featured in an online article for Long Island based Newsday.com  This story features the 30th Anniversary of the Agents Of Fortune album. Click the link: Cult Classic: Íyster Men Rock On

MAY 1, 2006

Buck Dharma
was kind enough to grant my wish for him to play one song with my white SG. More details to this story can be found on the F÷rum Page, accessing the BÍC News & Rumors forum.
Below is a link to a video taken of Buck playing the guitar. Audio quality is low, but the moment has been captured, thanks to my friend Frank "The Tank": Buck playing Vegas4BÍC's white SG

APRIL 14, 2006

Eric Bloom
has a guest Blog column for AutoWeek covering the NY Auto Show. Access the blogs from the lower links on the lower left of AutoWeek.com's homepage. www.AutoWeek.com

MARCH 11, 2006

Eric Bloom has opened his custom guitar shop featuring BÍC themed artwork from artist Phillipe Renaudin. Various guitars can be purchased that have BÍC song concepts in high detail throughout the guitar body. All the information is available at:


MARCH 4, 2006

Eric Bloom sings and Al Pitrelli plays guitar on the song: "For Whom The Bell Tolls" on a new Metallica tribute CD featuring various artists. Eric's friend Bob Kulick (x-Meatloaf and several other
 asked him to sing one song for the CD.

FEBRUARY 23, 2006

The remasters of Spectres and Some Enchanted Evening are expected to hit internet and retail music stores as soon as April 6th. Each of these cd's should have bonus material included.

JANUARY 1, 2006

Vegas4BÍC would like to extend an invitation to fellow BÍC fans that live in the Las Vegas area interested in forming a group to jam around on BÍC cover tunes. Most specifically, a drummer, bass player, and keyboardist would be desired at this time.

Any interested person, please email me: oba@vegas4boc.com
This would be for fun only and no gigs are intended (at this time).

DECEMBER 19, 2005

BÍC is booked at the Railhead inside Boulder Station Casino on Friday, April 28th 2006!!!!!!!!
Anticipate tickets to go on sale sometime in February.

NOVEMBER 20, 2005

Who Is "The Blue Íyster Cult"

Yes, that was the answer to the last question asked in the College Champion episode of Jeopardy on Friday's show. The category was "I need more cowbell", and the $2000 question was: "This rock band turned the cowbell into a Cult following?" We all knew the answer to that one, didn't we .......


Eric Bloom reported recently that the band and it's Management is working out the details of material to be re-released on SONY. This will be the continuation of re-releases and will be in chronological order. It will be 3 to 4 of the albums that are scheduled, which includes the Live albums. Therefore, look for On Your Feet Or On Your Knees to be re-released first, as Agents of Fortune is the most recent re-release to date. Spectres, Some Enchanted Evening, and possibly Mirrors is also scheduled.

Many orginal tapes have been found & song details for unreleased material is currently being discussed. However, some songs don't have lead guitar, vocal parts, etc. Look for these next re-releases to start appearing next summer.

AUGUST 17, 2005

Own the T-shirt autographed by members of BÍC. The shirt is up for auction through Clothes Off Our Back ( www.clothesoffourback.org ). The auction runs through Friday, August 26th. Proceeds from the auction benefit UNICEF's emergency relief efforts in Sudan; Half The Sky organization that enhances prospects for babies & children in China awaiting adoption; and Cure Autism Now research foundation.

JULY 5, 2005

Eric Bloom recently aquired a new guitar from Hallmark Guitars. It is a blue colored guitar and features a custom airbrushed Godzilla motif on the main body. He will be bringing it out on the road very soon.
For a photo of the guitar,
please check out Eric's website: EricBloom.net

MAY 14, 2005 

In an exclusive interview with Buck Dharma in Las Vegas on May 13th, he indicated that he is looking at two new guitars. One is an SG that has been given to him by Gibson that is made in the image of his trademark white SG from the 70's. Buck still to this day does not know exactly how & when that guitar was stolen.

Buck also visited the guitar shop of Ed Roman here in Las Vegas. Ed worked with Buck on his current "Cheeseberger" Steinberger guitar that he has been using for the past number of years. Buck has yet to commit a date for when any of these guitars will appear in a show. Therefore, you never know the day you see BÍC this year, could be the day he appears with a new axe....or two!!

MARCH 14, 2005 

BÍC will be on DTV's HD (DirectTV channel 79). DTV will play the DVD from 2002 of "A Long Day's Night". It should be available for viewing a few times over the next few weeks. Check your listings for exact times.

FEBRUARY 14, 2005

BÍC will return to Sin City on Friday, May 13th at Boulder Station. Please keep checking here for more information on any ticket sales announcements.

JANUARY 31, 2005

BÍC shocked the audience in it's 2005 Tour debut this week. The oncore song was a cut that hasn't been played in over 19 years live. Words like "The King in yellow and the Queen in Red" were heard reverberating inside the clubs from this past weekend and featured the vocals of Richie Castellano.......and from what was reported, it was HOT HOT HOT !!

NOVEMBER 17, 2004

Now available is a book called "We're Cookin' For You". Kira Dwyer has compiled & edited a 'Unique Collection of BÍC Inspired Recipes & Memories, By Fans, For Fans'.

Anyone interested in this book can find all the information at:

NOVEMBER 16, 2004

Vegas4BÍC would like to extend an invitation to fellow BÍC fans that live in the Las Vegas area interested in forming a group to jam around on BÍC cover tunes. Most specifically, a drummer, bass player, and keyboardist would be desired at this time.

Any interested person, please email me: oba@vegas4boc.com
This would be for fun only and no gigs are intended (at this time).

OCTOBER 12, 2004

An interview by Martin Popoff with Eric Bloom can be read on HardRadio.com. Eric explains in detail about the the two new members and how they were brought into the band.
HardRadio Interview.

SEPTEMBER 30, 2004

BÍC has auditioned six drummers and selected Jules Radino to work with the band for at least the month of October. He was a drummer for the Blues band Popa Chubby, and a student of former BÍC drummer John Miceli.

SEPTEMBER 18, 2004

BÍC put on another excellent show which included new bass player, Richie Castellano. The performance was played to a sold-out crowd at the Boulder Station - Railhead Club.

The Set-List (from memory) was:
R.U. Ready 2 Rock
O.D.'d On Life Itself
E.T.I. (Extra Terrestrial Intelligence)
Burnin' For You
Shooting Shark
Buck's Boogie
Cities On Flame With Rock & Roll
Then Came The Last Days of May
(Don't Fear) The Reaper

Dominance & Submission



SEPTEMBER 14, 2004

When BÍC takes the stage this weekend in Las Vegas, NV, they will be playing with a new bass player. Danny Miranda has taken a spot, ironically, in Las Vegas for the "We Will Rock You" show at the Paris Hotel. Danny will join former BÍC drummer John Micelli as part of the live music performers to that show. 

The new bass player is Richie Castellano (www.richiecastellano.com). He will be learning the new parts at the show in NY on Friday and ready for the Vegas gig, Saturday night. The position has not been determined to be permanent at this time.

AUGUST 31, 2004

When BÍC takes the stage this weekend in Farmindale, NY (Long Island), they will be presented with an award at this show.  They are going to be among the first members of Long Island's Music Hall of Fame, getting the "Long Island Sound" award, along with Dee Snider and Eddie Money.

BÍC receives the Long Island Sound Award

AUGUST 28, 2004

The current lineup that has been together for the past 7 years, will undergo a slight change starting in October. Eric Bloom stated that Bobby Rondinelli will finish up the remaining gigs through September. He has been made an "offer he couldn't refuse" with the band : The Lizards.

A replacement is already under consideration and the band is 100% behind Bobby's decision to drum with The Lizard's.

AUGUST 28, 2004

Vegas4BÍC would like to extend an invitation to fellow BÍC fans that live in the Las Vegas area interested in forming a group to jam around on BÍC cover tunes. Most specifically, a drummer, bass player, and keyboardist would be desired at this time.

Any interested person, please email me: oba@vegas4boc.com
This would be for fun only and no gigs are intended (at this time).

AUGUST 28, 2004

BÍC is scheduled to perform at the Railhead inside the Boulder Station Hotel & Casino on September 18th. The band finally should be able to have a date in Las Vegas not subject to a last minute Casino closure or an NFL blackout cancellation.

Tickets are still available. Link to ticket information: The Railhead

AUGUST 11, 2004

The release of Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles Senior Editor Martin Popoff's ninth book, Blue Oyster Cult: Secrets Revealed!, through Metal Blade Records is now available.

The book gathers the tall tales and fanciful stories behind almost all of the Blue Íyster Cult songs and albums, as well as revealing personal details from the wider community of people involved in such seminal anthems as '(Don't Fear) The Reaper', 'Godzilla', 'Burnin' For You', 'Astronomy' and 'E.T.I.'.

You can check out more info on how to order this at the BW&BK web site:  BÍC on BW&BK
Martin Popoff's website is at:  Martin Popoff.com

JUNE 08, 2004

Buck Dharma is offering a rare chance for you to own some of his stuff! He is moving out of the New Jersey area and has given an opportunity to offer these items to you...the loyal Blue Íyster Cult Fans! Several of the items are signed, and all of them have been used by Buck, and probably the rest of the band, over the years. Hurry, as most items will close auction bidding on June 16th.

Buck's packing 'em up & movin' them out......

You can check out this EBay auction and other BÍC related items at:  BÍC on EBay

JANUARY 30, 2004

BÍC & Crystal Ship will not perform at the Orleans Hotel & Casino on February 1st because the NFL has enforced it's copywrite broadcasting conditions. Therefore, BÍC will not make the trip out to Las Vegas. More information at this article: NFL Cancels Superbowl Parties

JANUARY 24, 2004

BÍC will perform at the Orleans Hotel & Casino on February 1st as part of a SuperBowl Party. More details can be found at the link: Orleans Superbowl Party

My friend Sean and his band: CRYSTAL SHIP, will be opening the Party before the game starts. Please click the link to their web page for more details. Crystal Ship

JANUARY 14, 2004

BÍC whas added more west coast show dates for this March. Keep checking my Dates page as more are added during the course of the year. 
Click here for 2004 tour dates:
Dates page 

OCTOBER 14, 2003

BÍC will travel overseas starting December 3rd to Germany for two weeks. They will be a part of a double bill with the band Uriah Heep. Check my Tour Dates page for all the cities they will be performing at throughout Germany. 
Click here for tour page:
Dates page

AUGUST 06, 2003

Three of the original members of BÍC appeared on New York's Metro TV last week. Buck, Eric, & Allen performed an "unplugged" version of '(Don't Fear) The Reaper' . This was done for The RadioChick on the Prowl, an hour-long television show hosted by Leslie Gold, the provocative morning radio host best known as the one-and-only RadioChick on New York's WAXQ/Q104.3FM

You can download or view this performance with a media player by 
clicking here:
Reaper Unplugged


JULY 08, 2003


BÍC will take stage at the Fremont Street Experience on Friday, September 12, 2003. They will be a part of the activities during the Las Vegas BikeFest 2003. They are scheduled to play from  9pm to 11:00pm. Access to Fremont Street and band performances is always FREE !

More information about the
Las Vegas BikeFest is available by clicking the image below:

APRIL 04, 2003


"Headline Act" VH1 Classic speaks with Blue Íyster Cult band members Buck Dharma and Eric Bloom on Monday, April 7 at 11:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.  The half hour block features classic videos from the group including "Joan Crawford", "Shooting Shark", "Dancin' in the Ruins", "Godzilla", and "Burnin' for You".  In an exclusive new interview with VH1 Classic, Dharma and Bloom discuss their new CD/DVD "A Long Day's Night" and the two bandmates passionately tell of their musical influences throughout their lives.

MARCH 04, 2003

Hot from EricBloom.net - BÍC has announced that they will arrive in the U.K. on June 1st for an 11 day tour, including all the same 
cities as last year.

Click logo to jump to the web site.

FEBRUARY 04, 2003

BÍC Show To Be Recorded For Westwood One Radio Show

The Grove of Anaheim concert in Anaheim, CA on February 13th will be the site for the recording of the  "SuperStar Concert Series" syndicated radio show for Westwood One. This concert will be broadcast on a date later to be determined. Westwood One has over 150 radio stations nationwide that will carry the "SuperStar Concert Series".

JANUARY 09, 2003

Santuary Records To Release Compilation in March 2003

Hot from EricBloom.net - The new CD will be titled: "Then & Now" and will be a collection of songs from those 3 CD's. More details in the future will be announced and can be found by visiting the all new:

JUNE 01, 2002

Live DVD Recording Date Announced:

BÍC will be recording their performance in chicago, IL at the Navy Pier Skyline Stage on June 21st. The camera's will be rolling and footage used will be incorporated on a DVD that will be released next year.

JANUARY 23, 2002

Preliminary Overseas Tour Dates Announced:
BÍC will be traveling to Europe in May for seven dates. This will be their first visit since 1998. The first seven dates are at locations within Great Britain.

The tentative dates can be viewed on my Tour Dates page. Tour dates

APRIL 09, 2001

BLUE ÍYSTER CULT has announced that the new CD will be named after a song from the original Stalk Forrest Group collection. However, this CD title song will NOT be a song on the CD.

MARCH19, 2001

They are busy with the final mixing of the CD.

CBS/SONY is going to be re-releasing the
entire BÍC catalog, remastered with extra bonus unreleased tracks. The first of these releases are slated for early summer (no set date for releases yet).

The first releases will be the first four studio albums. Each record will include four bonus tracks and booklets with liner notes by noted musician and producer Lenny Kaye (Patti Smith Group, producer of Nuggets). The releases will continue in groups of four until the entire catalogue has been re-issued.

FEBRUARy 14, 2001

The Archivists At The Rhino Handmade Institute Of Petromusicology have announced THE STALK-FORREST GROUP 'St Cecilia: The Elektra Recordings' collection of all of the surviving Elektra Archive STEREO masters for both the final, delivered STALK-FORREST GROUP album as well as the unused masters from the initial OAXACA recording sessions!!!!!!

THE STALK-FORREST GROUP 'St. Cecilia: The Elektra Recordings' is not available in any store on the planet. It is available as an individually-numbered limited edition of 5,000 copies. Available only from Rhino Handmade. Available only on The Internet.

Pre-orderable Now For Shipments Beginning on April 18, 2001.

18 Tracks (Including 16 Previously Unreleased) A Single CD With A 16-Page Booklet.
Please visit:
Rhino Handmade: Stalk-Forrest St. Cecilia CD

JANUARY 05, 2001

BÍC begins major recording for the new record this week. The current working title, although not "Etched in stone" according to Eric Bloom, is "Manic Aggressive." However, the band is also open to suggestions. Visit the official BÍC web site and submit your title idea: www.bocfanclub.com

Buck Dharma's new website is now open. It features information, news, games, photos and cool goods, including the Buck Dharma Archive Series, a retrospective of 25 years of home demos and other recordings remastered by Buck. www.Buckdharma.com

AUGUST 29, 2000

Buck Dharma will be appearing at the Westchester County Center, White Plains, New York, September 30, 2000, noon - 6, He will be playing and signing autographs.

JUNE 15, 2000

Blue Íyster Cult will be on a video cybercast on Tuesday, June 27th. The cybercast starts at 6pm PDT / 9pm EDT and will run for 24 hours!. The show is pay-per-view for broadband access (100k or better) and absolutely free for access at or below 56k. It is from their recent performance at the House of Blues down in Florida. You can check it out at the link below:

APRIL 16, 2000

BÍC played another new song called "Now Is The Time When The Old Gods Return ".
Set lists:

7pm Show: 9pm Show:
Stairway To The Stars Stairway To The Stars
Before The Kiss O.D.'d On Life Itself
Cities On Flame Extra Terrestrial Intelligence
Burnin' For You Harvest Moon
Harvester Of Eyes Buck's Boogie
Teen Archer Pocket
The Subhuman Then Came The Last Days of May
Now Is The Time The Old Gods Return Burnin' For You
Godzilla Godzilla
(Don't Fear) The Reaper (Don't Fear) The Reaper
  Dominance & Submission

APRIL 11, 2000

Blue Íyster Cult will we appearing at the Boulder Station Hotel & Casino inside at THE RAILHEAD for TWO SHOWS!!.

7pm & 9pm
Boulder Station @ The Railhead
Ticket Prices:
$17.50, $22.50 & $27.50 plus tax
Tickets information is available by calling (702) 432-7575

All OnLiners: An hour before the 7pm show, anyone interested in meeting up can find me by the bar near the Sportsbook inside Boulder Station. It's close by to the Railhead.

FEBRUARY 01, 2000

BÍC played their 2nd new song to be released on their upcoming new CD. This time it occured at the January 29th show from the Bottom Line in New York City. The song was called "Pocket".

It was reported that the song is sung by
Buck Dharma and that it had the typical melodic hard edge that he is known for creating.......so again, make sure you check out the boys on their next visit to your city!

It was also announced that
BÍC will be in Las Vegas on Saturday, April 15th. The venue will be announced shortly.....so get your taxes done on time and I'll see you that evening!

JANUARY 20, 2000

BÍC played their first show of the new Millennium last night in Columbus, OH. Half way through the set, Eric Bloom announced to the crowd: "Hey! We've been working on a new album! We don't have a name for it yet....it's still in the early stages......we're now gonna play a new song off our upcoming album! It's called 'Eye of the Hurricane'."

It was reported that the song is sung by Eric Bloom and that it is in vein of
See You In Black/Hammerback style from the Heaven Forbid CD.......so make sure you check out the boys on their next visit to your city!

JANUARY 18, 2000

Sad news from Buck Dharma off the AOL Bulletin Board:

"I've just been informed by email from my friend and ex/BOC drummer Ron Riddle in Ithaca NY that Helen Robbins aka Helen Wheels died today. Helen was a seminal personality in the early creational miasma of the Soft White Underbelly era which became Blue Oyster Cult, especially, but not exclusively with her then romantic relationship with Albert Bouchard. She was creative in many facets of the art world, with prolific output in the visual and recording arts. She may be best known to BOC fans as the author of Agents of Fortune's "Sinful Love". She was also at one time a competitive body builder. There's little I can say of her later life, we'd drifted apart in the last decades of the century. I'd heard she was living in Ithaca NY, where my family moved from in the early nineties, for the last few years. I'd like to emphasize how important Helen was to the formation of what became Blue Oyster Cult and how influential her persona was on all of us. I loved her then and I never thought I might outlive her. She will be missed.



June 3, 1999

Junefest 7 Performance Times!

11:45am    The KNACK

12:30pm    The Romantics

 1:35pm    Blue Íyster Cult

 3:05pm    Joan Jett & the Blackhearts

 4:35pm    Cheap Trick

 6:30pm    CCR

 8:25pm    Joe Walsh

 9:40pm    Fireworks!


Items allowed into Junefest.

Every year it seems we get asked,"What can I bring into Junefest...Dude?" Every year we say it a Zillion times, yet, someone gets mad cause they have to leave their Lazy-Boy recliner outside the Festival area. One year, this guy and 4-5 of his buddies tried to haul in a bleachers. Enough seating for about 35 people. The stories go on and on, so, let's make it simple.

With many years of experience and numerous discussions with the powers that be, we have come up with a "What's allowed in" list.

This is much easier to understand. If we made a "What's not allowed" list and didn't make mention about Grandma Tooties High speed Bingo Card whacker with Lithium night vision and 50 gallon external Cobalt power supply...well, we would have to allow it in. I sure wouldn't want to be sitting next to a whacking grandma... Here's what's allowed.

Each person may bring in a factory sealed bottle of water. Up to 2 quarts. Blankets and a LOW PROFILE lawn chair.

Kids 12 and under are free with paying adult. Children 6 and under are not recommended.



April 20, 1999

KKLZ 96.3FM radio station of Las Vegas, NV is sponsoring the 7th JUNEFEST on Saturday, June 5th and Blue Íyster Cult will be one of the bands appearing. The current lineup announced for JUNEFEST is:

Blue Íyster Cult
Cheap Trick
Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
The Knack
Joe Walsh

Don't expect BÍC to play a normal 90 minute set. They will most likely play for about 40 minutes.
JUNEFEST is held about 10 mi. east of The Strip at Silver Bowl Park next door to Sam Boyd Stadium.

April 5, 1999
Blue Íyster Cult will be appearing at the Evening Star Lounge in Niagara Falls, NY on Thursday April 8th. If you are atttending the show, please catch the opening act: NSS and his Bargain Bin Band. Don't miss this rare opportunity to catch NSS with his full band. This dude will rock you with songs from his latest CD Have You Met Edna? along with other classic NSS cuts.

For more information about NSS, check out his website:

March 9, 1999
The next recorded music to be released of Blue Íyster Cult material will be a SONY compendium that should come out in June with 16 tunes, no title yet.

The rumored King Biscquit Flower Hour CD will be out this Fall. The material available from the various shows that BÍC appeared on will be determined by KBFH. They have this list to choose from:

75 Commack
76 Albany
77 Detroit
79 New York
80 Poughkeepsie
80 Connecticut
86 Santa Monica

February 7, 1999

Blue Íyster Cult
will be at the Luxor Hotel & Casino Thursday, March 4th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
will be hanging outside the RA Nightclub where BÍC will perform, starting at 7:00pm.
The doors open at 10:00pm. Tickets for the show are $12.00 and are General Admit. Women with local ID get in for $5.00!!.
will be taking the stage later that evening. Last time they went on stage around midnight.

There is a small dress code to enter the club, and applies mostly to Men. No ripped up jeans, no sneakers, prefer some type of collar shirt (I got by with a BÍC concert T-shirt under a vest w/ black jeans & boots last time).
Hey, the women were looking pretty hot that night, so you might want to dress a little more to impress..........this is Vegas!!!!!

I'd like to meet any Internet and America Online
BÍC fans that evening before the show. Look for me nearby the RA Nightclub at the closest bar (right across from the RA Nightclub entrance)!!!!!!

January 20, 1999

Several months ago, B.Í.C. formed a relationship with C.S.I., a long distance telecommunications company. BÍC Fanclub founder Melne was asked to create artwork for a B.Í.C. phone card which was to be sold on tour. However, the first (and only) batch of cards did not come out well. The photo of the band came out a bit too dark and some print on the back was imperfect. So, they took a pass on this venture for the time being.

At this time, they are offering these cards to the fans instead of returning them to the company. There are only 100 cards and they are numbered sequentially. The first 20 are being held for the band members. The cards show a picture of the current band on the front with Blue Íyster Cult around the edge. On the back are instructions for use. Each card is activated for 30 minutes of long distance phone time.

The price of each card is $10 payable by money order only made out to "3.O.C., Inc." (Note: That's a Numeral 3)

Send a self-addressed stamped envelope with the order. These will be sold first-come first-served in sequential order starting with card #0001/0021 (series one, card 21).


For orders outside the USA: Send a money order in U.S. funds in the amount of $11, and a self-addressed envelope.

Mail your order to:

BOC Direct, P.O. Box 860, Plandome, N.Y. 11030.

January 16, 1999

A local band in Seattle, Washington (Morris Can Fly) will be opening for BÍC at the Mothership on February 19th in Tacoma (actually, Fife) Washington. They're really looking forward to the show (you can check out their website at http://www.morriscanfly.com
They have a limited number of tickets for the show (about 50) which they are allowed to sell "privately." These tickets are available strictly through
MORRIS CAN FLY. Ticketmaster is selling the tickets for $24 per person, including service charge. They can sell them for $20. If someone buys six or more tickets at one time, they can sell them for $18 a piece, which is a great deal. Contact their web site for details or email Steve Winters


November 16, 1998

Blue Íyster Cult will be at the Luxor Hotel & Casino Wednesday, November 18th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
will be hanging outside the RA Nightclub where BÍC will perform, starting at 7:00pm.
The doors open at 10:00pm. Tickets for the show are $10.00 and are General Admit. Women with local ID get in free !!. BÍC will be taking the stage later that evening. My guess is it will be around 11:30pm or so.

I'd like to meet any Internet and America Online
BÍC fans that evening before the show. Look for me nearby the RA Nightclub at the closest bar!!!!!!

September 10, 1998

Blue Íyster Cult has confirmed that they will be appearing in Las Vegas at the home of the
Las Vegas - Blue Íyster Cult Connection - Luxor Hotel & Casino on Wednesday, Novemnber 18th !!!!
The show has yet to be announced by the Luxor Hotel & Casino, but the date has been confirmed
Expect an announcement for this show and the venue location later this month.

September 4, 1998

KKLZ 96.3FM radio station of Las Vegas, NV is sponsoring it's 12th Anniversary by throwing a FREE concert Sunday, September 20th at the Buffalo Bill's Hotel & Casino Star of the Desert Arena in Primm, Nevada. (Stateline). Blue Íyster Cult will be the featured band.

I have talked to the radio station, and because they are sponsoring this FREE Anniversary show, tickets are ONLY AVAILABLE THROUGH RADIO STATION GIVEAWAYS. If you are coming from out of state, you may have a difficult time aquiring tickets. No word as yet if tickets will be sold the day of the show. Last year they gave away all tickets, so.........

This means you can only WIN tickets.

July 21, 1998

Towne Square 2000, an online community for 3Com has asked me to post the following:

3Com and Alaska's Superstation ABC join up to bring Blue Íyster Cult to the
netwaves. Join us on July 28th at 8pm pacific as we chat with the band members LIVE
from the Greyhound Lounge in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Hear them discuss their new album, 'Heaven Forbid' and see the guys as we
grab video of them during the chat! It's happening at Towne Square
2000 Palace by 3Com. Get connected with your java-enabled browser or
download the software at:

For more info, contact:
Lisa Herschbach
Towne Square 2000

June 29, 1998

At this time, Eric Bloom of BÍC has given notification that the Las Vegas shows at the Maxim Hotel have been cancelled. New entertainment coordinators with the Hotel are not booking the large acts now. No mention if an alternate venue is being pursued by the band. I suggest that if many fans have commitments for being in Las Vegas, now is the time to express your thoughts to the tour management for BÍC that it would be remiss if they didn't try for someplace else to play here that weekend.

E-mail me your thoughts and I will forward them to an appropriate person. Please don't e-mail Eric or Buck, as they have no control over this situation.

June 10, 1998

Due to recent radio station assault on the subject of no Godzilla version by BÍC in the flick, the BÍC boys have cranked out a custom parody of their own song, sacking the film. It's getting airplay right now on a limited # of stations which have requested a copy of "No-Zilla."

Buck and Eric have outdone themselves on this one....it shows the band has a sense of humor about itself, and the ridiculous exclusion of their ode to the big fella.

Call your local morning show and demand it!!!

- From Ray Koobs, CMC International

May 17, 1998

Las Vegas will be on flame with Rock & Roll for TWO nights! BÍC will be performing at the Maxim Hotel on August 28th and 29th. (Friday & Saturday night). I will find out the actual venue room.

I look forward to all the America On-liners and internet fans from across the country. Make your vacation plans soon. If you require staying at a hotel in Las Vegas, please contact your travel agent!!! I have no way of reserving rooms and rooms usually get booked many weeks in advance of the weekend dates you will need.

As like last year, I'll try and arrange a pre-show & post-show get together of all fans. details to follow in early August. See you then!

Check my Tour Dates page for more of the latest dates & venues.

March 28, 1998

Attention International BÍC Fans. Blue Íyster Cult is scheduled to hit your countries pretty soon!

The Red & The Black - Yes, BÍC has also scheduled some May dates with our Neighbors to the North. They'll be Hornswoop me Bungo Pony on Dogsled on Icing they're way to a few cities in Alberta, Canada.

Then in June, They'll be in a G-Load disaster at a rate of climbing they're way to some places in England, Finland, Sweden and, of course, Germany.

Check my Tour Dates page for those latest dates & venues.

March 10, 1998

The official title of the new CD is called HEAVEN FORBID and will be available in stores on March 24. CMC International has sent out to various radio stations the single "See You In Black".

Please make an effort to call your local station and ask for it to be played. Once the CD is out in the stores, help put the word out to your favorite station to give it some airplay.

BÍC continues it's tour and is currently in the Mid-West and working they're way East & then South.

Check my Tour Dates page for latest dates & venues.

January 21, 1998

Latest news from Eric Bloom is the following: "Official" release date for new CD in USA from CMC International Records is March 24. The King Biscuit Live CD is happening later this year, probably around summer '98.

BÍC starts their Western Tour this upcoming weekend. Now we know why it's a "SUPER" weekend! Check my Tour Dates page for latest dates & venues.

December 28, 1997

The news you all have been waiting for is finally here!!!!!!! On Thursday December 18th, BÍC officially signed a record contract with CMC International Records who will release the new album in the U.S., Canada, South America, and parts of the Far East. All other areas of the world will have the album from SPV Records, in Germany. Eric Bloom said that from discussions with the people at CMC Records, they hope to release the album in March.

As for the name of the new CD, Eric Bloom stated that the previous working title from 1996, "Ezekiel's Wheel" will not be used. The real title will be decided on shortly.

"CMC International Records is a worldwide joint-venture record label with BMG Entertainment. All CMC products are manufactured and distributed by BMG Distribution. 1540 Broadway NY, NY 10036 in the U.S.A. and by BMG affiliates and licensees throughout the world."

December 1, 1997

Radio's King Bisquit Flower Hour (KBFH) will be releasing a Best Of BÍC On The Bisquit CD spanning from 1975 through 1986 when the band appeared on the show 7 times. Bolle Gregmar, President of the BÍC Fanclub announced this and said "This compilation of great Live performances will showcase the rarer side a bit more of this band and their versatility in their live set ups. If we could have located the masters for the full shows this would have been a Double CD but as is we're going to be happy with the compromise of a single CD and about half of the true rarities we've never had the pleasure of enjoying in our homes as Live Discs before."

Expect this release to be towards late January.

October 29, 1997

Blue Íyster Cult has been in the studio the past month finishing up their CD. Buck Dharma
mentioned that things moving along but can't yet give a date as to when it will be ready for

BÍC will be heading to the Northwest U.S. in December. So, citizens of that area,
R.U Ready 2 Rock? They are comin'! Check my tour page for details in the future.

September 23, 1997

Are you interested in quality samples of the video clips from the Ricky Browning Benefit Show performed by Buck Dharma earlier this year? Chuck Agent OF@aol.com has proposed the following to anyone interested:

"It's time consuming taping these things, but I needed to get some feedback to see if I was on the right track. Since I need blanks for various reasons, I need Cassettes and VHS tapes. Therefore, if you would like a decent sampling of the Buck Dharma Videos, I will trade you for blanks. Here's the deal: Send three quality tapes, any length, and three Maxell XLII's, a Space Shuttle stamp, and I'll send back one of the VHS tapes. An alternative would be to send four quality VHS tapes and a stamp. Just ask your friendly postal worker and they should be able to take care of you." Send tapes to address below:

Zilla Fund
P.O. Box 465081
Lawrenceville, GA 30042

If you'd rather wait, the finished product will be out soon. Check here for when that will be released. Any other questions e-mail to: Agent OF@aol.com

 July 22, 1997

Are you interested in owning some BÍC jewelry? Well, if you are looking for a cool piece for around your neck or anything else that you may need, then contact Eric Jon Willems. He will make custom jewelry for you. Soon I will be posting some pictures of his handi-work here on this web site. When you contact Eric, please mention you saw the Las Vegas - BÍC Connection Web Site. Eric can be contacted at:

The Masters Touch
Eric Von Willems
2937 S. Mooney Blvd.
Visalia, CA 93277
1-888-790-4069 (10am-6pm pacific - closed Sundays)

Give him a call and mention you saw it here!  

June 27, 1997:

The Las Vegas SummerDaze concert is fast approaching. If you are planning to attend this show, e-mail me for pre-show details. We will meet inside the Aladdin Casino at a bar inside. I will be hanging around the bar by the Sports Book at 5:00pm. I do have some flyers made up, so look for them inside. Come on over and join us and meet some other dedicated BÍC internet fans. The show starts at 8:00pm, Saturday June 28th.

The next day, BÍC is in Bakersfield, CA. This will most likely be a gathering of many internet fans. This is a BÍC only show at the Rockin' Rodeo and is attracting much attention from the America OnLine fans. So grab your rose and ringside seat, because this show is going to be hot.

The SummerDaze CD is now available at your local music store. It is CMC International Catalog Number 86213. A new studio version of Power Underneath Despair sounds great, you've got to check it out!!

May 22, 1997:

The LAST DAYS OF MAY are approaching and it's time for the 2nd Annual BÍC BBQ. Saturday, May 31st is the date and San Pedro, CA is the location. This event is being hosted by Douglas Mitchell. If you are interested in attending this function, you can e-mail him: LA Snowman@aol.com and you can get all the details...........

So, Raise your cans of Beer on high and party with some great BÍC fans!!!!!!

The SummerDaze CD should be available at your local music store sometime next week. It is CMC International Catalog Number 86213.

May 14, 1997:

LAS VEGAS will be rocking Saturday, June 28th at the Aladdin Theatre For The Performing Arts !!!!!! The SummerDaze Tour concert will be held here at 8:00pm. All internet BÍC fans that are planning to visit Las Vegas for this show can e-mail me Vegas4BOC@aol.com about getting together at the Aladdin Hotel & Casino before the show. Tickets go on sale for this show on Saturday, May 31st at the Aladdin Ticket Box Office and all Ticketmaster outlets. Announced Price for tickets is $15.00 before the show. All tickets are reserved seating. No prices have been announced for purchasing tickets the day of the show. If you require staying at a hotel in Las Vegas, please contact your travel agent!!! I have no way of reserving rooms and rooms usually get booked a few weeks in advance of dates you will need.

Check the current show dates page Tour Dates for when BÍC is arriving in your town, along with SummerDaze Tour info.

April 22, 1997:

Management for the band has approved for Blue Íyster Cult to participate in a 4 band, 3 cut each, compilation CD based on the SummerDaze tour bands. Eric Bloom has mentioned that most likely, the three songs to appear would be: recent live recordings of (Don't Fear) The Reaper and Godzilla (Jon Micelli on drums) and one cut from the upcoming studio release....."The Power Underneath Despair" (Chuck Bergi on drums). Release date for this compilation CD has not been set, but all bands have signed on and are preparing their material to be used in it.

Check the current show dates page Tour Dates for when BÍC is arriving in your town, along with SummerDaze Tour info.

March 29, 1997:

Eric Bloom announced on the AOL Fanclub Folder that the new CD release has been pushed back. Reason stated is due to distribution questions. A more realistic release date looks to be sometime in the early fall.

In the BÍC fanclub newsletter Morning Final #14, the president of the BÍC fanclub, Bolle Gregmar, has announced details for BÍC items to be sold in an auction format. Bolle has amassed over the years many duplicate items and is accepting bids through April 15th. For a more detailed list and description, please send any e-mail inquiries to Tubular1@aol.com

March 10, 1997:

Buck Dharma will doing a benefit concert in Atlanta, GA on Friday, April 11. The concert will benefit a very special Godzilla fan, 10 year old Ricky Browning, who is undergoing treatment at a local hospice for brain cancer.

The BÍC fanclub newsletter Morning Final #14 is now out. All fanclub members will be receiving it. If you would like more info, contact BOCfanclub@aol.com

February 26, 1997:

Eric Bloom posted recently in the BÍC folder on AOL that a 4 group tour would be staring in late spring. No dates have been set, but it will be somewhere around 30 different locations. Tentively scheduled is Pat Travers to open most shows, Foghat will follow Travers, Steppenwolf to close most shows, and of course, BÍC to be the third band.

John Miceli will be leaving the drums to play with Rainbow on their current tour. His replacement will be Bobby Rondinelli. Bobby did play with BÍC last year and will be bringing his experience with that, along with his usual Black Sabbath drumming position.

February 3, 1997:

Here is an article from Entertainment Weekly Magazine web site...

DEATH BECOMES THEM For most terrifying song in a miniseries or movie, the winner is..."Don't Fear the Reaper," the 1976 Blue Oyster Cult hit that's become the heebie-jeebie-inducing tune of choice. The song made its movie debut in 1978's Halloween, but "Reaper" and "Reaper" covers can be heard on the soundtracks of Stephen King's The Stand, The Frighteners, and now Scream. Wes Craven, the director of Scream, appreciates the ditty's creepy elements. "It can either be a great love song or a glimpse into somebody's dark side," says Craven, who opted for the acoustic version by singer-songwriter Gus. Cult members are anything but grim about the song's enduring appeal. "I'm delighted it's becoming a standard spooky thing," says Cult guitarist and songwriter Buck Dharma, though he admits, "I haven't seen the movies it's been in. But when they get to Blockbuster or pay per view, I'll check them out." --Jessica Shaw for EW

January 20, 1997:

New CD in the Works !

The band is in the studio now working on a new CD release, tentatively scheduled for release in March, 1997. The members are currently finalizing songs for the first release of new material since 1992 (Bad Channels Movie Soundtrack).

The CD title name has not been released, but current inside information that I have heard is a possible title: Ezekiel's Wheel. Please stay tuned for further information later in the New Year.

Blue Íyster Cult will begin a northwest tour swing in mid January. Some material from the new CD may be performed during these show dates. Check the current show dates page Tour Dates for when BÍC is arriving in your town!